CRTM collaborate with  TICKET Lab. (Dr. Talar Atéchian) converning the project "Mašriq Traditional Modal Monodies Encoding in the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI)".

Music encoding is a representation of music sheets or music transcriptions to machine-readable structure. In this project, traditional Mašriq’s modal monodies transcriptions are encoded using Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) standard.

In addition to the fundamental music elements encoded in the transcriptions, Modal Semiotic Theory is used, providing a new encoding dimension. Thus, a generative grammar is proposed in the Theory to enrich the encoding process and to provide a detailed interpretation of the analyzed modal monodies. A semi-automated algorithm is implemented to encode in MEI standard modal monodies transcriptions. The prototype returns as a result, encoded music transcriptions accompanied by a detailed semiotic analysis.

Experimentations are conducted, and still in progress, to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm, and the quality of the returned analysis. As a second phase of the project, we aim to develop a fully automated algorithm for the modal monodies encoding. Mathematical models and machine learning algorithms will be implemented. The fully automated open source prototype will be developed and the performance the accuracy of the returned results will be evaluated by musicologists.